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Blog - Negatedtale Will Return (+ Happy Birthday Aster)

Negatedtale Will Return (+ Happy Birthday Aster)

by confusedmuse

Kept you waiting, huh?

The only thing I can say to explain the too-long break is, 2020 sure was a year. It felt like every time I gathered enough of myself together to try to work on a page or at least post a blog update, something else happened to crash back down on my motivation. I barely drew anything at all over the last year. A lot of things happened, the majority of which I'm not comfortable sharing openly online, but since we all existed in the hell known as 2020, I'm sure most of you can still relate without going into details.

As far as the comic went, I had more success with writing and planning than I did with drawing. The restructuring I talked about in the last two blog posts is basically done from an outline perspective, and I have several finished chapters worth of script. In fact, I'd planned to come back in January for the comic's anniversary, but due to severe computer programs - my screen broke and a second lockdown meant that no one was open to fix it - I was without a computer for several months. Thankfully I've had no further tech issues, but now my focus is on creating backlog of pages before I start officially updating again. It sucks that this comic has been on hold for so long, but I never want to go on a break this long ever again, and a backlog will hopefully be the best buffer against that. 

So as things stand right now, I'm hoping that Negatedtale will return in the summer. I won't put a concrete date on it, since over the past year I've learned just how chaotic things on my end can get, but expect new pages Soon(tm). 

In the meantime, Happy Birthday Aster! It won't be too long before we all see her again. 💙 Stay safe out there, and I'll talk to you all again soon!