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Here We Are

by confusedmuse
Hello readers new and old! I'm Muse, the author of Negatedtale, and a Smackjeeves refugee! Please pardon the mess while I tinker with the website and upload the backlog, but so far I am very happy with the options presented by Comic Fury! I'm also extremely happy that there are already new subscribers and comments before I even get everything all caught up--I didn't realize that uploading the backlog would put me on the "recently updated" part of Comic Fury, and for a second I was worried that I'd bother the community. So to those people, thank you and welcome! Negatedtale has been running for nearly three years now, and I have a lot of pages that I still need to put up (it may take me a few days), but I hope that you enjoy the backlog in the meantime! Feel free to say hi in the comments, and I hope to make this a nice new home for this passion project of mine. heart As always, thank you for reading!